The Guide to Building Linked Unstructured Citations for Local SEOBut what can local SEO practitioners do once they’ve got these formal listings created and a system in place for managing them? Our customers often come to us once they’ve gotten well underway with Moz Local and ask, “What’s next? What can I do to move the needle?” This blog post will give you the actionable strategy and a complete step-by-step tutorial to answer this important question.

This article was written jointly in partnership with Kameron Jenkins . You can enjoy her previous articles here . When you’ve accomplished step one in your local search marketing, how do you take step two? You already know that any local business you market has to have the table […]

YouTube Officially Rolls Out YouTube Stories

YouTube Officially Rolls Out YouTube StoriesOn this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore YouTube’s rollout of YouTube Stories to more creators. Our special guest is Steve Dotto.

YouTube Rolls Out Its Own Take on Stories: A year ago, YouTube launched its own take on stories with a short-form video format called Reels. This feature was rebranded as YouTube Stories and made available to select YouTube creators. This past week, YouTube began rolling out Stories along with access to a new set of creator tools to all creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. (8:19)

Content Comprehensiveness – Whiteboard Friday

Content Comprehensiveness – Whiteboard FridayWhen Google says they prefer comprehensive, complete content, what does that really mean? In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Kameron Jenkins explores actionable ways to translate the demands of the search engines into valuable, quality content that should help you rank.


Twitter Marketing: Creative Ways to Connect With Your Audience

rank. Click here to view original web page at Twitter Marketing: Creative Ways to Connect With Your AudienceWondering how Twitter engagement can help your business? Looking for tips on sharing authentic tweets and conversations with prospects? To explore creative ways to interact with your Twitter fans, I interview Dan Knowlton.

In this episode, I interview Dan Knowlton, a creative marketer, speaker, and trainer. He co-founded KPS Digital Marketing, an agency that specializes in social and video marketing.Dan explains why he stopped using Twitter automation tools and how other tools help marketers engage with fans more effectively. You’ll also discover tips for starting conversations and building relationships on Twitter.

Firefly adds mobile device-like targeting to ads on car rooftops

Firefly adds mobile device-like targeting to ads on car rooftops‘Situationally aware’ outdoor mobile signs. Firefly has installed digital signs atop hundreds of taxis and other rent-on-demand vehicles like Lyft or Uber during its months-long beta phase in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The rooftop signs receive ads via 4G and 4G LTE cellular transmission that are what founder and CEO Kaan Ganay called “situationally aware,” with targeting based on location, time, intended demographic, weather or other contextual data.


The new best practices for digital brand storytelling

The new best practices for digital brand storytellingPeople have been telling stories for thousands of years, and the elements of what makes a good story have changed precious little in that time. Through the stories we tell, we not only entertain and connect with others, but we also convey information about our own beliefs, tastes and aspirations.

Brands use stories in the exact same way, and the best marketers understand how important stories are when it comes to demonstrating the how, what and why of a brand’s offering. Although the components of a good story remain as they’ve always been, the process of telling a story in the digital age has evolved considerably as new advertising technologies have emerged.

B2B Instagram Content: Tips and Tools for Marketers

B2B Instagram Content: Tips and Tools for MarketersReady to put your company on Instagram? Wondering how to publish B2B Instagram content that supports business goals?

In this article, you’ll find tools to help you deliver Instagram content that will raise brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow an engaged community.


What’s a CDP? Does your company need one?

What’s a CDP? Does your company need one?Gartner predicts that the average US adult will own more than six smart devices by 2020, making cross-device IDs and identity resolution — the ability to consolidate disparate sets of data into an individual profile — a critical need for marketing effectiveness. As the number of touch points in the customer journey expands, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) allow marketers to break down first-party customer data silos to unify and normalize contact information.

MarTech Today’s “Enterprise Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the current market for enterprise customer data platforms (CDPs) and the considerations involved in implementing the software. This report answers the following questions: