Facebook Pixel Tutorial- The Ultimate Step by Step Facebook Pixel Tutorial


In this facebook tutorial the rubber really does hit the road. Easily learn how to install the pixel and leverage sales in 18 minutes or less! The table of contents is below to peruse.


Table of Contents

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CHAPTER 1 – What is FB Pixel?
The three purposes of the Pixel
1. Tracking Conversions
2. Optimize for Conversions
3. Retargeting
CHAPTER 2 – Pixel Installation
Grabbing the Pixel
Installing the Pixel on WordPress
Method 1 – Manual Installation
Method 2 – Using a WordPress plugin
Adding your Pixel to Shopify
Adding the Pixel to Leadpages
Drag and Drop Template
Standard Template
Adding your Pixel to Teespring
Placing tracking pixel on all pages.
How to make sure the Pixel is installed?
CHAPTER 3 – Pixel Application
Tracking Conversions and Optimizing for Conversions
Customizing the Pixel for Specific Events
Using Standard Events, Custom Events and URL Traffic Events
What are URL traffic Events and how do I use them?
Here’s a real-life scenario where the use of URL traffic Events would be handy.
Optimizing for Website Conversions
Custom Audiences
BONUS – The anatomy of a Winning FB Ad
Find Below the template so you can replicate and make your own FB Ads Winners