Now that you’ve got all the essential ingredients for your content marketing campaign, it’s time to get the ball rolling and start publishing new content on your website! With WordPress, uploading your content is easy. Simply log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts then click on Add New.

You’ll be presented with the default WordPress editor. It works great for blog posts and articles since you can easily format your content without too much trouble. You can upload all your content all at once and just save these as drafts. You should also add images, videos, etc. to your content.

However, if you’re building landing pages, sales pages, etc. then you may want to use a page builder instead. Page builders are WYSIWYG editors (it stands for what you see is what you get). They make it easy for non-technical users to structure pages, posts and website content as a whole.

Some popular, free page builder plugins are Elementor

( and SiteOrigin Page Builder

( with more than a million downloads each!

Another technique you can use to make your content more exciting is to insert the repurposed content you created in Days 17 to 23!

Yes, you can upload these to social media and other places, but there’s no harm in inserting your YouTube video and your graphics in your content. It will help break up the text and make your content even more appealing!

For instance, if you’ve got a blog post on ‘how to stop dogs from shedding’ and you’ve repurposed your content into video format, a social media graphic, podcast, and a presentation, then what you can do is you can insert all these different (repurposed) formats in your post!

This is especially useful if you’ve got a comprehensive article that’s a few thousand words long! People who don’t want to read your long article, can simply watch the video or listen to the audio file you’ve uploaded, or they can check out the infographic.

You may need to tweak your content and move things around to make sure everything flows smoothly. Take the time to check how your content will look on desktop and mobile devices (make sure you use a mobile-responsive theme).

When you’re happy with how your content preview looks on the front end, then hit that Publish button!

In the next post we will be looking at publishing content on social media and the process to start building a following.

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